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By Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry
December 30, 2020
Category: Dental Cosmetics
Tags: dental crowns  

Cracks, damage, and decay can cause tooth pain, impair function, and make you want to hide your smile. But no matter the cause of your dental damage, your dentist at Silvestri and Deniger Dentistry in Slidell, LA can restore your smile with dental crowns.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is essentially a cap for your tooth which conceals the damage permanently and effectively while looking natural. Crowns from our Slidell, LA office are crafted from durable ceramic, resin, or metal and are customized to fit your tooth snugly and comfortably, so you can bite, chew, and brush like normal. With a dental crown, your tooth will look attractive and healthy.

What can a dental crown repair?

Dental crowns from our Slidell, LA office are a great choice for repairing several dental issues, including:

  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Worn down, eroded teeth
  • Severely discolored teeth
  • Teeth with protruding fillings, or cavities that cannot be filled properly
  • Damage from a root canal
  • Decayed teeth


What are the advantages of a dental crown?

A dental crown improves the appearance of your tooth while restoring its function. A crown also helps maintain your oral structure and gives you the ability to eat and brush more easily and effectively.


How will my dentist apply my crown?

Your dentist at our Slidell, LA office will numb your tooth and gum area before using a dental drill to scuff the surface area of the tooth to accommodate the crown. Your dentist will make an impression of your tooth and use the mold to create a custom crown fitted perfectly to your tooth. Once complete, your crown will be affixed to your tooth with a strong adhesive so it is permanently in place.


How do I take care of my crown?

You can brush and floss as usual with your crown and should make regular appointments for professional cleanings and exams with your dentist.


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