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By Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry
November 30, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Learn more about this revolutionary and long-term solution to replacing missing teeth.

You are dealing with tooth loss and you are simply fed up with it. You hate stressing out over what you can and can’t eat and you feel dental implantsawkward talking in front of people because your tooth loss affects your speech. Our Slidell, LA dentists, Dr. Susan Silvestri and Dr. Ronnie Deniger, understand what you are going through but are here to offer a solution that could make all these issues history.

A   dental implant’s sole purpose is to take the place of your tooth roots. They are designed to function just like natural tooth roots and they provide a fixed, permanent foundation from which to hold a dental crown or other restoration. Dental implants have become a popular restorative dental option for so many patients dealing with tooth loss because it is the only option that is designed to function just like real teeth so that you have a new tooth that could last the rest of your life.

How are implants so comfortable and stable? First of all, the implant is made from a biocompatible material like titanium, which means the body will not reject it as a foreign object (this is key!). Our Slidell general dentists place the implant into the jawbone, and over the course of a couple months, the nearby bone and tissue begin to heal around the implant and fuse together to become one. This process is known as osseointegration and dental implants are the only tooth replacement that is able to offer this unique ability.

Since the implant and jawbone are now fused together, you can imagine that there is no better foundation from which to support an artificial tooth. Whether you need to replace a single tooth or all of your teeth, implants are versatile restorations that can support a single dental crown or even a full set of dentures.

If you want to find out more about dental implants and whether you are an ideal candidate for treatment, then it’s time you turned to Silvestri & Deniger in Slidell, LA for the restorative dentistry you deserve.


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