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Posts for: December, 2017

By Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry
December 06, 2017
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Oral Cancer  

Find out how only a couple minutes of your time could just end up saving your life.oral cancer

We know that visiting the dentist isn’t always high on your list of exciting things to do, and if you aren’t dealing with symptoms you may just assume that everything is fine. Unfortunately, there are issues that can arise that you may not immediately notice but a medical eye can catch. Our Slidell, LA dentists Dr. Susan Silvestri and Dr. Ronnie Deniger are here to tell you why you should come in every six months for routine dental exams.

Besides removing plaque and tartar from teeth and checking to make sure you don’t have cavities or gum disease, these trips that you take to visit our Slidell, LA, general dentists twice a year could also save your life. While you may not even realize it, when we are cleaning your teeth and gums we are also checking for signs of oral cancer.

Oral cancer screenings are completely painless and they only take a minute or two. We check all oral tissue and even your tongue to look for discolorations, sores, lumps or other signs of oral cancer. With life-threatening conditions like oral cancer, the sooner you can detect the issue the better. Luckily, by coming into our office for routine exams we are better able to pinpoint early signs of oral cancer so that you can get the proper treatment you need.

Are you at risk for oral cancer?

While anyone can develop oral cancer, there are certain factors that can increase your chances. Some risk factors include:

  • Your age (those over the age of 40 are at a higher risk)
  • Using tobacco products
  • Heavy alcohol consumption
  • Being diagnosed with HPV (the human papillomavirus)
  • Gender (men are more likely to develop oral cancer than women)
  • A poor diet

Of course, whether you have risk factors or not it’s important that you come in at least twice a year for routine screenings and preventive dental care. If you are at risk it’s also a good idea to talk to us about whether or not you could benefit from getting oral cancer screenings more regularly.

If you have questions about oral cancer screenings or if you need to schedule your next dental visit call the experts at Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry in Slidell, LA. Whatever your dental needs may be, we are here to serve you.

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