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By Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry
December 14, 2020
Category: Oral Health

How regular visits to your dentists in Slidell, Louisiana can save your smile

Regular dental maintenance is important, especially as you get older. That’s only one of the reasons why you should visit your dentist twice every year. There is no substitute for a full dental examination, including x-rays. Even if you brush after meals and before bed, and floss every day, you still need to visit your dentist.

Dr. Susan M. Silvestri and Dr. Ronnie Deniger at Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry in Slidell, Louisiana offer comprehensive dental care, including examinations, x-rays, and other preventive treatments like professional cleanings and periodontal therapy services.

When you schedule your next dental appointment in the office, as you leave the clinic, it puts your dental visits on autopilot, so you remember to make your smile a healthcare priority.

Did you know that a healthy mouth keeps your body healthy? It’s true. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, a healthy mouth lowers your risk of having a stroke, acquiring heart disease, diabetes, and other serious diseases. Visiting your dentist twice each year is an excellent way to keep your smile and your body healthy.

When you visit your dentists, they will do a complete dental examination and look for:

  • Any abnormalities in your soft tissue that could indicate oral cancer
  • Check your gums and supporting tissue for any evidence of gum or periodontal disease
  • Visually examine your teeth for any evidence of tooth decay

Then, with the help of x-rays, your dentist will look for:

  • Any evidence of tooth decay, which could indicate you need a filling
  • Any evidence of dental abscesses, which could indicate you need a root canal
  • Any evidence of bone loss around your teeth, which could indicate you need periodontal therapy

This is also a great opportunity for you to ask your dentist about cosmetic dentistry services. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are designed to enhance your smile and make it more beautiful. Some of the cosmetic dentistry procedures you can consider include:

  • Professional teeth whitening, to whiten your teeth up to 8 shades
  • Cosmetic dental bonding, to cover up small chips, cracks, and other damage
  • Porcelain veneers, to give you a celebrity-perfect smile by hiding damage, or changing the size, shape, and color of your teeth to make your smile more aesthetically attractive

When you visit your dentist twice each year, you will also receive a professional dental cleaning to remove plaque, hard deposits called calculus, and stains, giving your smile a new, healthy shine.

To keep your smile healthy, visiting your dentist twice each year is a must. Your smile is your most important asset and your dentist can help you keep a great-looking, healthy smile for a lifetime. To find out more about the importance of regular dental visits and other dental services, call Dr. Susan M. Silvestri and Dr. Ronnie Deniger at Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry in Slidell, Louisiana at (985) 641-7200. Call today!

By Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry
May 28, 2020
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Dental Implants  

Struggling with tooth loss? Dental implants not only restore missing teeth but also offer a few other benefits.

Have you thought about asking your Slidell, LA, dentists, Drs. Susan Silvestri and Ronnie Deniger of Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry, if dental implants are right for you? Read on to learn all about this treatment option.

Dental implants provide a complete tooth restoration option

Before dental implants were invented, replacing a lost tooth involved restoring the crown, or top, of the tooth only. Fortunately, it's now possible to replace the missing roots, as well.

Dental implants are tiny posts added to your mouth during a minor oral surgery at our Slidell, LA, office. Made of titanium, a biocompatible metal that naturally bonds to bone, the implants serve as artificial tooth roots that connect to dental crowns to form new teeth.

Implants offer longevity and excellent biting power

Good root strength is necessary to bite into hard foods or thoroughly chew tougher foods. Without replacement roots, your ability to eat certain foods may be compromised. Implants are attached to your jawbone the same way as your natural roots, which ensures that your biting power doesn't suffer just because you have an artificial tooth.

Dental implants are among the longest-lasting tooth restorations. In most cases, they'll never need to be replaced, although, due to normal wear and tear, you may need to replace your crowns periodically.

Dental implants offer important oral health protections

Some shifting of nearby teeth is bound to occur after tooth loss. Unfortunately, as the teeth drift, your appearance and bite can change. If your teeth were once perfectly straight, they may soon begin to overlap. Severe shifting may affect your bite, causing jaw pain, excessive wear on teeth, gum damage, headaches, and other issues. Filling the gaps in your smile with dental implants prevents your teeth from moving.

Implants also offer an important benefit for your jawbone. Jawbone resorption, a common problem after tooth loss, occurs when your jawbone shrinks due to decreased stimulation from tooth roots. Eventually, resorption can cause loose teeth and sagging facial muscles. Implants provide constant stimulation that prevents resorption.

Dental implants can help you restore your smile whether you've lost one tooth or all of them! Call your dentists in Slidell, LA, Drs. Silvestri and Deniger of Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry, at (985) 641-7200 to schedule your appointment.

By Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry
April 14, 2020
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Oral Care  

How general dentistry in Slidell, LA, can help you maintain a healthy smile

At-home oral care is important to maintain the health of your smile, and it can help protect the health of your body too. That’s because an unhealthy mouth has been linked to an increased risk of stroke, heart disease, and diabetes, according to the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Susan M. Silvestri and Dr. Ronnie Deniger at Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry in Slidell, LA, offer a wide range of preventive dental services and general dentistry, to help protect your smile.

The goal of any excellent at-home oral care routine is to remove plaque as frequently and thoroughly as you can. The reason frequent plaque removal is so important is because plaque contains millions of harmful bacteria, which produce toxins if left undisturbed. These toxins are strong enough to eat through tough tooth enamel, causing decay. The toxins can also cause inflammation and infection in your gums and supporting bone, causing gum and periodontal disease.

You can maintain a healthy smile if you:

Brush your teeth after meals and before bed. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a toothpaste containing fluoride. Using a gentle, circular motion, brush all surfaces of your teeth, and along the gumline. You can also use a sonic or electric toothbrush if you prefer.

Floss your teeth at least once each day. Use a piece of floss and guide it down in between your teeth using your thumbs and forefingers. Make sure to wrap the floss around the widest part of your tooth as you go down in between your teeth. You can also use floss picks if you have arthritis or dexterity issues.

In addition to practicing great at-home dental care, you also need to visit your dentist at least once each year for a dental examination, including x-rays. Your dentist can diagnose and treat dental issues while they are easily treatable, before they can grow into large, expensive dental problems.

You should also have a professional dental cleaning once every six to twelve months, and every three to four months if you have periodontal disease. Brushing and flossing only clean the plaque away. Your dental care professional can also remove the hard deposits, or calculus, on your teeth.

At-home dental care is vital to maintaining a healthy smile for life. To find out more about practicing excellent dental habits, and other preventive services, call Dr. Susan M. Silvestri and Dr. Ronnie Deniger of Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry in Slidell, LA, at (985) 641-7200. Call today!

By Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry
November 14, 2019
Category: Oral Health

Undergoing an oral cancer screening is an easy way to diagnose any precancerous or cancerous tissue changes in your mouth. Early diagnosis helps enable early treatment, which can lead to a better outcome for you. Here at Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry in Slidell, LA, Dr. Susan M. Silvestri and Dr. Ronnie Deniger offer a wide range of dental services, including oral cancer screening.

An oral cancer screening only takes a few minutes and is usually incorporated into your regular dental examination. It’s easy, painless, and very important to your health, especially if you use tobacco products like cigarettes, cigars, or smokeless tobacco. You may also be at higher risk of oral cancer if you drink excessive amounts of alcohol, have a family history of oral cancer, or have had oral cancer previously.

During an oral cancer screening, your dentist will examine:

  • The lining of your cheeks and roof of your mouth
  • Your gums and connective tissue around your teeth
  • Underneath, along the sides, and on the top of your tongue
  • Your lymph nodes to check for swelling and soreness

Your dentist will be looking for:

  • White, wrinkled, or thickened tissue
  • Red, irritated, or bruised tissue
  • Open sores in your mouth that don’t heal

Be sure to also tell your dentist if you are having trouble swallowing, experiencing chronic hoarseness, or feeling recurrent pain/numbness in/around your mouth. You should also do a self-check regularly in between your dental examinations.

Concerned? Give us a call

To find out more about oral cancer screenings and how they can help you stay healthy, talk with the experts. Contact Dr. Susan M. Silvestri and Dr. Ronnie Deniger here at Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry in Slidell, LA, today by dialing (985) 641-7200.

By Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry
December 06, 2017
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Oral Cancer  

Find out how only a couple minutes of your time could just end up saving your life.oral cancer

We know that visiting the dentist isn’t always high on your list of exciting things to do, and if you aren’t dealing with symptoms you may just assume that everything is fine. Unfortunately, there are issues that can arise that you may not immediately notice but a medical eye can catch. Our Slidell, LA dentists Dr. Susan Silvestri and Dr. Ronnie Deniger are here to tell you why you should come in every six months for routine dental exams.

Besides removing plaque and tartar from teeth and checking to make sure you don’t have cavities or gum disease, these trips that you take to visit our Slidell, LA, general dentists twice a year could also save your life. While you may not even realize it, when we are cleaning your teeth and gums we are also checking for signs of oral cancer.

Oral cancer screenings are completely painless and they only take a minute or two. We check all oral tissue and even your tongue to look for discolorations, sores, lumps or other signs of oral cancer. With life-threatening conditions like oral cancer, the sooner you can detect the issue the better. Luckily, by coming into our office for routine exams we are better able to pinpoint early signs of oral cancer so that you can get the proper treatment you need.

Are you at risk for oral cancer?

While anyone can develop oral cancer, there are certain factors that can increase your chances. Some risk factors include:

  • Your age (those over the age of 40 are at a higher risk)
  • Using tobacco products
  • Heavy alcohol consumption
  • Being diagnosed with HPV (the human papillomavirus)
  • Gender (men are more likely to develop oral cancer than women)
  • A poor diet

Of course, whether you have risk factors or not it’s important that you come in at least twice a year for routine screenings and preventive dental care. If you are at risk it’s also a good idea to talk to us about whether or not you could benefit from getting oral cancer screenings more regularly.

If you have questions about oral cancer screenings or if you need to schedule your next dental visit call the experts at Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry in Slidell, LA. Whatever your dental needs may be, we are here to serve you.

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