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By Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry
March 15, 2022
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Dental Implants  

If you are missing a tooth you may be curious about what options you have when it comes to restoring your smile. Dental implants are in many ways the best solution to tooth loss. They are meant to be a final and complete restoration of a missing tooth. This treatment will last much longer and will be stronger than other options. Learn more about dental implants in Slidell, LA, from Dr. Susan Silvestri and Dr. Ronnie Deniger of Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry.

Better Support

The key difference between dental implants and other methods of restoration, such as bridges and dentures, has to do with the way in which they are supported. Dental bridges depend on adjacent teeth to serve as support for the tooth they are replacing. To accomplish this, these healthy teeth need to be reshaped so that a crown can be attached to them, then they will hold your new tooth in place.

Dentures depend on suction as their main method of support. These require a proper fit to perform at their best. So many of the common complaints people have regarding dentures are due to this factor. A dental implant is supported in a very similar way to your natural teeth. They use a titanium post that is permanently implanted onto the bone of your jaw, and it's onto this that your new tooth will be attached.

Dental Implants in Slidell, LA

One downside to dental implants is that they do require a longer initial investment of time, as the implanted post can take months to heal and fuse with the jaw bone. Implants can last a lifetime with proper care, and they don't need any special treatment when it comes to hygiene or diet, although good dental habits remain key to maintaining your smile.

If you're ready to restore a single missing tooth or a complete smile, find out if you're a candidate for dental implants. Call (985) 641-7200 to schedule a consultation in Slidell, LA, from Dr. Silvestri and Dr. Deniger of Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry.

By Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry
December 22, 2021
Category: Dental Health
Tags: Toothache  

A toothache in Slidell, LA, people do not want to live with for very long. The pain can get so bad that the person might consider pulling the tooth out themselves instead of waiting for a dental appointment. But Dr. Susan Silvestri and Dr. Ronnie Deniger at Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry want to help you with your tooth problems. They know, and the experience of working on the toothache area can be put to rest. But until you can see the dentist, here are some things you can do to minimize the pain.

How You Can Help Control Toothache Pain

People claim many things can help with a toothache in Slidell, LA. Here are some proven ideas to help you make up your mind to know what works.

  • Sometimes, a toothache is caused by a piece of food stuck between your teeth or in your gumline. Use some floss and gently work the area to remove the debris causing the pain. Your body will heal pretty quickly.
  • You can also use a cold compress on the area to help reduce any swelling that may have developed. Allow the compress to sit in the affected area for 15 minutes. At that point, you will need to remove the compress for a short period.
  • The oral anesthetic can also help with relief. These medicines are to be used as a short-term solution until you see your dentist and get a permanent fix.
  • Saltwater is a great way to fight pain-causing bacteria. It is advisable not to swallow the saltwater as it can make you sick.
  • You can also take over-the-counter painkillers. Anti-inflammatory pain medicines are best for reducing pain.

A toothache in Slidell, LA, does not have to ruin your day. Dr. Silvestri and Dr. Deniger at Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry can help with a toothache and treat the cause behind the pain. If you have any questions, please call us today at (985) 641-7200.

By Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry
November 02, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: root canal  

How a root canal from your dentists in Slidell, LA, can save your smile

When you have a dental abscess, the pain can be excruciating. It’s easy to think about taking the tooth out, but don’t do it! Once a tooth is removed, you are faced with either living without the tooth or replacing the tooth with a bridge, dental appliance, or dental implant. It’s often a better choice to save the abscessed tooth. The answer is root canal therapy!

Dr. Susan Silvestri and Dr. Ronnie Deniger of Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry in Slidell, LA, provide comprehensive dental care, including root canal treatment to save your smile.

When you have a dental abscess, it means that the inner layer of your tooth, known as the pulp, has become bruised, infected, or damaged. When this happens, inflammation and fluid build-up inside your tooth, causing pressure and pain, which can be severe. A root canal saves your tooth by removing the infected pulp, which eliminates the pressure and pain.

A dental abscess can be caused by:

  • Deep decay which has spread to the pulp
  • Chronic grinding or clenching which has bruised the pulp
  • A periodontal disease that has spread to the root of your tooth

When you have a dental abscess you may:

  • Feel an aching or stabbing pain in your tooth that doesn’t go away
  • Feel increasing tooth pain when you eat or drink hot or cold foods or beverages
  • Notice a white or red bump on your gums next to the tooth root
  • See drainage coming out of the bump on your gums

Root canal treatment begins when your dentist creates a small opening in the top of your painful tooth. The infected pulp tissue is drawn out through the opening. A sedative material is then placed inside your tooth. This material will dry up the fluid and eliminate inflammation, pressure, and pain.

When your tooth is no longer painful, the sedative material is removed and replaced with an inert material that is left inside your tooth. The final step is closing the opening with a permanent filling, and your root canal is complete.

Root canal treatment can save your tooth and your smile. To learn more about root canal treatment and how it can save your teeth and your smile, call Dr. Susan Silvestri and Dr. Ronnie Deniger of Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry in Slidell, LA. You can reach them by calling (985) 641-7200, so call today!

By Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry
September 20, 2021
Category: Dental Health

Dealing with tooth sensitivity can make it difficult to feel comfortable eating and drinking food or beverages that are particularly hot or cold. There are a few reasons you may be dealing with tooth sensitivity and it’s helpful to know how you can help solve your issues with sensitivity. Dr. Susan Silvestri and Dr. Ronnie Deniger at Silvestri and Deniger Dentistry in Slidell, LA, can teach you how to deal with toothaches and tooth sensitivity.

Solutions for Tooth Sensitivity

If you’ve ever taken a bite out of an ice-cold popsicle or had a sip of really hot chocolate and felt pain and sensitivity from the temperature on your teeth, there are ways to help treat your reactions to temperature. Your dentists in Slidell, LA, can help you identify toothaches and sensitivity and can give you some tips on how to stop sensitivity from bothering your daily life.

Tooth sensitivity is usually caused by decay, a loose filling, or a tooth that has been exposed to gum recession. When you feel extreme sensitivity, your dentist may recommend switching to a softer toothbrush and switching to a toothpaste formulated especially for sensitive teeth. If this doesn’t help after a few weeks, you should be sure to contact your dentist for an appointment.

You may also experience sensitivity after certain dental treatments, and these symptoms should also be treated in the same way. If pain and sensitivity continue after a few weeks of switching your dental routine around, it’s important that you contact your dentist as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. Your dentist will then be able to examine your teeth and determine the root cause of your tooth sensitivity.

Contact Your Dentist Today!

Don’t let sensitive teeth stop you from enjoying your favorite foods! Contact Dr. Susan Silvestri and Dr. Ronnie Deniger at Silvestri and Deniger Dentistry in Slidell, LA, to learn more about treating toothaches and tooth sensitivity. Call today at (985) 641-7200.

By Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry
April 22, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Dental Implants  

Are you nervous about smiling because of one or more missing teeth? Do you hide your smile in pictures because you aren’t happy with any gaps in your smile? If so, dental implants may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Dr. Susan Silvestri and Dr. Ronnie Deniger at Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry in Slidell, LA, are here to help you determine if you’re a good candidate for dental implants and if they could benefit you!

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a tooth replacement option that is durable and long-lasting and can complete your smile with a natural-looking finish. Your dentist in Slidell, LA, will implant a titanium post into your gums, which will then fuse into your jawbone, mimicking a root. Once the post is fused into the jawbone, it will be topped off with a dental crown. This crown can be color-matched to the rest of your teeth and no one will ever know you were missing a tooth, to begin with.

Before you can receive your dental implant, your dentist will have to determine if you’re a good candidate for dental implants. They will determine this by inspecting the area where you’re missing a tooth and check to see if the area is suitable to support an implant. They will have to be sure that your jawbone hasn’t deteriorated and can fuse with the implant.

Once you receive your dental implant, care is easy. Treat your implant as if it was a regular tooth and be sure to brush and floss daily. Another benefit is that dental implants can help prevent facial sagging from happening in the future. The titanium post provides stimulation to the gums that were missing after the tooth was lost. This helps provide support to the jawbone and stops it from deteriorating.

Contact Your Dentist Today!

If you’re missing one or more teeth, be sure to contact Dr. Susan Silvestri and Dr. Ronnie Deniger at Silvestri & Deniger Dentistry in Slidell, LA, to see if you are an eligible candidate for dental implants. Call (985) 641-7200 today!

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